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Assessing and evaluating risk versus reward is an important part of not only business but life in general. In this program teams are placed in a position where they will have to identify certain levels of risk in accordance with their teams predetermined strategies and objectives. Each team member will need to understand and believe in each other in order to be winner on the day!

The Challenge

The aim of the game is to make as much money as possible while minimising your losses. At the beginning of the day teams will need to do the following before they begin:

  • Assess their goals
  • Outline their risk strategy
  • Determine their strengths and weaknesses

Teams will then face a number of team building challenges throughout the day. For every task the team will need to create a plan and estimate the difficulty in achieving an outcome within a specific time frame. Next the team must weigh up the odds and decide how much capital to invest in it's business challenge. In order to receive a reward in line with the risk they have taken, the team must accomplish it's goal within the time frame it has set itself.

Team Opportunity is designed to enhance teamwork skills whilst subtly demonstrating that team members must believe in each other as individuals as well as the team. Groups will be forced to assess their strengths and their weaknesses, and learn in a competitive and fun environment that working together is necessary to bring home the big dollars.

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Team Opportunity... We used Team Opportunity to support learning around the key theme of the event, Achieving Together. Again this really hit the mark! Excellent team work activities that pushed us from a number of perspectives. Very challenging - also had good fun! BeChallenged - very good - made it fun but also kept things on track and relevant to what we were here for! Good activities with something for everyone BeChallenged - Well facilitated. Excellent activities and learning from achieving together. Great combination of activities - very well organised and delivered. Excellent team building, and very aligned to theme of the conference. Interesting set of challenges - good team perspective.


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